Family & Divorce

Custody Investigations

Mom has physical custody but leaves her two young children unattended almost every evening, often until past midnight. Dad’s new girlfriend seems nice, however there are rumors she has a history of drug abuse and violence. There are many applications for a discreet custody investigation, and no company has the sensitivity and experience of Artus Group.

Computer and Phone Forensic Analysis

Artus Group’s computer forensic analysts are former law-enforcement, award winning experts who conduct forensic PC, laptop, mobile device and phone analysis. Deleted texts, deleted web browser histories, spyware – we have a habit of finding them.

Online Sex Addiction

The free availability of online pornography and sex interaction/meeting sites has created a well-documented increase in online sex addiction and hookups, especially with middle-aged men.  Artus Group has developed some amazing methods of identifying these activities.

Asset Searches

We don’t search bank accounts as it is illegal to do so, however we look deeply at real properties, boats, planes, shares, personal property and undisclosed businesses, often with startling results.

Proving Cohabitance

Artus Group understands the court thresholds of proving cohabitance from an alimony revision perspective. At first glance it might appear quite a simple task, but providing sufficient court evidence actually requires patience, experience, knowledge and skill.

Matrimonial Surveillance

We are very good at this – there’s nothing more to add, so just call us

Electronic Sweeps

Artus Group provides government grade electronic debugging surveys, most often in divorce cases once a spouse has moved out of the family home. We’ve found some outrageous devices.

Elder Abuse and Fraud

Dad’s housekeeper is getting closer and closer to him and seems to be cutting dad off from the family. The family has suspicions that this new carer has a history of abuse and defrauding the elderly. Sadly, we’ve investigated too many of these cases in which the client’s concerns were well-founded.